Jericho Road – Thank You

Dear Southwell Baptist Church,

The team at the Jericho Road Project would like to thank you for all your support over the past financial year. Your generous donations have made such a difference to our team and the women that we support, allowing us to continue our vital work to bring light and hope to the darkest places.

Last year, you donated £637.80 between the 6th April 2023, and the 5th April 2024. This money has meant that we could hold 72 Street Outreach sessions, 105 visits to Prison, 23 Drop- In sessions, and 62 Befriending meetings. In total, we’ve been able to support over 103 different women and provide them with a safe space to talk, rest, and find the love of Jesus.

Thanks to your giving, we’ve also been able to host a number of events throughout the year. In December, we hosted a Christmas dinner at the JRP base, where 4 women were able to join us in fun and fellowship. There were many fruitful and encouraging conversations, and we’re so thankful
for the opportunity to provide women with a warm meal and time with friends during the colder months.

In January, Cornerstone Church kindly allowed us to host the JRP Conference 2024 in their small auditorium. We’re so thankful that we were able to meet with supporters, engage in fellowship, and share more about what we were able to achieve in 2023. Your giving allowed us to provide food and
resources, and spend time investing in our supporters and volunteers for the event.
In early 2024, we were able to host a small birthday party for a woman we’ve been supporting for many years. She was endlessly thankful for the friendship and time spent celebrating her journey with us.
This year, we’re looking forward to all that God has in store for our teams and the women that we support. Already, we have almost a full staff team who are working hard to ensure our women
can get all the support that they need. Your donations are contributing to the funding for their salaries,
allowing them to be a consistent presence in these women’s lives this year and beyond.
If you would like to get involved in other areas of the Jericho Road Project, please visit our website ( or get in touch with us by emailing at, or by calling us on 0115 845 3691. We have both women-facing and behind-the-scenes volunteering
opportunities, as well as a prayer group where we post points of prayer
each week.

Thank you again for keeping our charity running with your generous regular donations. Your generosity makes all the difference in the lives of the women that we support. If you would like to learn more about our project areas and how we’re involved in these women’s lives, please do get in touch.


Laura Hayward
Office Administrator