Bite-Sized Gospel

Lessons from the Gospel of Luke

He who called him to the steep road will walk with him every step of the way
and be there at the end to meet him.
The Christian must carry with him the breath of Heaven in which the fine
things flourish and the evil things shrivel up.
Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost.
The love of God can defeat the foolishness of men, the seduction of the
tempting voices, and even the deliberate rebellion of the heart.
Our Christianity will begin to be real and effective only when we spend as
much time and effort on it as we do on our worldly activities.
If we destroy family life, we destroy the very basis of the Christian life.
It is a terrible warning that the sin of the rich man was not that he did wrong
things, but that he did nothing.
The Christian standard of forgiveness must immeasurably exceed the best
the world can achieve.
Surely one of the things which should draw all men together is their common
need of God.
The best way in which Christ can come upon a man is when he is faithfully,
humbly and watchfully doing his duty.