Bite-Sized Gospel

Lessons from the Gospel of Mark

Many a man is wisest when his worldly-wise friends think he is acting like a fool. No man should need to be driven to Christ by the force of circumstances, and yet many come that way; and, even if it is thus we come, he will never send us empty away. It is never hard to confess to one who understands like Jesus. The great fact of the Christian life is that what looks completely impossible with men is possible with God. If men have come together, loving Christ and seeking to love each other, even those who are most widely separated can come together in him. The mark of the Christian disciple was to be utter simplicity, complete trust, and the generosity which is always to give and never to demand. The twelve brought to men the message and the mercy of the King, and that remains the church’s task today and every day. Jesus brought to men the very power and the very life and the very being of God. The strange fact about man is that he is haunted both by sin and by goodness. The rhythm of the Christian life is the alternate meeting with God in the secret place and serving men in the market place. Trisch