Bite-Sized Gospel

Lessons from the Gospel of Mark

It is the man who endures to the end who will be saved.
Always there is paradox in Christianity. God is love, yet God is justice.
Man is free, yet God is in control. Man is a creature of time, yet also a
creature of eternity.
Jesus foretold that he would come again.
We live in the shadow of eternity. It gives us the great task of making
every day fit for him to see and being at any moment ready to meet him
face to face. All life becomes a preparation to meet the King.
There is a recklessness in love which refuses to count the cost.
The heart of sin is the desire to do what we like and not what God likes.
Jesus did not leave things until the last moment. All his arrangements
had been made long beforehand.
In the end there is no one but ourselves responsible for our sins.
Men are no longer simply under the law of God. Because of what Jesus
did, they are forever within the love of God.
Better a Peter with a flaming heart of love, even if that love did for a
moment fail most shamefully, than a Judas with a cold heart of hate.