Bite-Sized Gospel

Lessons from the Gospel of Luke

In the darkest day we can still hope in the unsearchable riches and the all sufficient grace and the unconquerable power of God.
God loves each one of us as though there were only one of us to love.
Jesus first sent out his men to preach the Kingdom and to heal, to save men
in body and in soul.
In Jesus all men’s needs are supplied.
Christianity does not mean reciting a creed; it means knowing a person.
If we are true to him, in time, he will be true to us in eternity.
Often sorrow can rudely awaken a man, but in that moment, through the
tears, he will see the glory.
Only the master of life can deal with life with the calm competence that brings
everything under control.
To be chosen for office is to be set apart for service, not elevated to honour.
No man or church has a monopoly of his truth.