Bite-Sized Gospel

Lessons from the Gospel of Luke

Towards Jesus Christ there can be no neutrality. We either surrender to
him or are at war with him.
They pray best together who first pray alone.
The real man of God does not despise earthly ties; just because he is
God’s man he discharges human duties with supreme fidelity.
Mend not your roads but your lives. There is laid on every one of us the
duty to make life fit for the King to see.
Nowhere can a man serve God better than in his daily work.
The wise man will always choose to suffer wrong rather than to do wrong.
In his baptism Jesus realised, first, that he was the Messiah, God’s
anointed King; and, second, that this involved not power and glory, but
suffering and a cross.
It was because Jesus faithfully performed the smallest duties that the
greatest task in all the world was given to him.
The Christian must be consumed by the conviction of the infinite beauty
of holiness and the infinite damnability of sin.
A man with a message will always command an audience.