Bite-Sized Gospel

Lessons from the Gospel of John

Jesus never lost his faith in God or his confidence in men.
We find the real glory in life in doing God’s will; the greater the obedience the greater the glory.

Jesus was himself faithful unto death.

When a man is engaged on an evil way, his only desire is to eliminate anyone who opposes him. 

He loves us in spite of what we do because he loves us, not for what we are, but what we have it in us to be.

Nothing in this world warps a man’s judgement as hatred does. 

Once a man allows himself to hate, he can neither think nor see straight, nor listen without distortion.

There is no escape from a personal decision in regard to Jesus; we must ourselves decide what we will do with him, accept him or reject him.

When a man faces him, it is not Jesus who is on trial; it is the man.
There can be nothing so terrible than for a man’s mind to be so shut by his pride and his self-will, that there is nothing Jesus can say to him that will make any difference.

In him was the supreme beauty and the highest thought of God. In him was the law of God and the kingdom of God. In him was the very image of God.