Bite-Sized Gospel

Lessons from the Gospel of Mark

In the end it is literally true that there is nothing which will not be revealed
in the presence of God.
If we wish others to love us, we must first love them.
The more a man has won the more he can win, and that, if he will not
make the effort, he will lose even that which once he had won.
If we live in patience which cannot be defeated, in hope which cannot
despair, and in preparation which ever sees life in the light of eternity, we
shall, by the grace of God, be ready for his consummation when it comes.
Never be daunted by small beginnings.
The man who wishes to learn from Christ must company with Christ.
In the presence of Jesus we can have peace even in the wildest storms
of life.
The Lord can deliver us from imaginary dangers as well as from real
Life owes us precisely nothing; the debt is all the other way round. It is
we who owe life all we have to give.
The unanswerable proof of Christianity is a recreated man.