Worship and Prayer


Our lively Sunday Service starts at 10:30 am with us all gathered together. The children leave for their groups after about 20 minutes unless it’s one of our All Age services, in which case they stay with us throughout for the various all-age activities. We have a variety of styles of music (usually led by our musicians, or using multimedia such as DVDs). We have a time of prayer and then explore the Bible together with June during her sermon. Communion is usually on the 3rd Sunday of the month and all believers, of any denomination, are welcome to participate. Communion is usually served before the children leave for their groups and  it’s up to each parent as to whether their child takes Communion or not. Our service finishes around 12 noon and everyone is welcome to join us for light refreshments in our adjoining coffee lounge.

Prayer & Praise Evenings

2019 saw us launch our prayer and praise evenings, these
happen initially on the 5th Sunday of the month at 6pm
for one hour. There is no agenda and no sermon, just an
opportunity to sing praise to God and to spend time in his
presence. Everyone is welcome.


Prayer is central to the life of a church, without it we are just
doing lots of things (albeit good things) in our own strength.
We are trying to embed prayer into every aspect of church
life. Everyone is encouraged to practice a personal rhythm
of prayer and Bible reading, but in addition people pray
together informally or in the small groups.
There are also specific opportunities for you to join with
others to pray for the ministry of the church and the wider

Sunday Mornings

from 10 – 10:20 we gather in the upper room of the church
to be still and pray for the worship of the day. All are
welcome to join in with this time

Tuesday Mornings

from 9:15 – 10.00 we gather in the main church building to
pray primarily for the ministry of the church and the wider
world. We follow the Northumbria Daily Prayer pattern.