Junes Jottings 

Apr 2021
Spring has sprung,the grass is riz  I wonder where the birdies is….
Actually no I dont! I know exactly where they are – on the tree out-
side my bedroom window singing their heads off at 5am EVERY
But actually, signs of spring are all around us and it is wonderful –
snowdrops gave way to crocuses and now daffodils are showing off
all their beautiful God given glory! The sun is shining, the days are longer,
and it is beginning to feel like we are emerging from the longest, hardest,
darkest winter that we have ever endured.
As well as the signs of spring all around us, we also have the massive
success of the vaccination program bringing hope that again, soon and very
soon, we will be able to meet up with those we have missed so desperately
for so long. And the main source of our hope is just on the horizon now,
the cross of Christ – the cross which brings salvation, healing,           
reconciliation, and so much HOPE!
Lent is a time of self reflection, a time of examining ourselves before God,
recognising that we too would have scattered and run away, just as the
disciples did on that first Good Friday. And yet we are resurrection people,
we know the end of the story, we know that Jesus died, BUT we know and
we declare that he rose again, and that we can trust, believe and hope in
him and he will never let us down.
As I write this the news is full of the virus resurging in Europe as many
countries pause their vaccination program due to worries about the safety
of the vaccine – and as we anxiously watch to see what will happen next,
as we grieve for the many lives lost, as sunny spring days sometimes
pour with torrential rain, we remember again that our hope is not simply in
the return of warmer days, or in the vaccination program (as wonderful
and welcome as these things are) but our hope is in the Lord alone. He
will never let us down, He will never leave us alone, He will never turn his
back on us, He is our only true hope!
Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as
you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the
Holy Spirit.