Junes Jottings 

September always feels like a significant month doesn’t it? The children go back to school, and we start to think about autumn approaching, the leaves changing colour, and upcoming things like harvest festivals, and dare I mention Christmas yet?

This year it feels even more significant because, as all coronavirus restrictions have finally been lifted, this is the month that we tentatively plan to return to worshipping inside the building.

As we look forward with eager anticipation to what lies ahead, however, we also look back. We look back in gratitude for those who worked so hard to keep the services running outdoors – from the people doing the upfront stuff like musicians, service leaders and preachers who stepped
in so I could have a break, the tea makers, the chair movers, the marquee assemblers, the tech so our sermons can be on YouTube for anyone who wants to access them, and for those who kept the grounds looking great and the grass cut so we could continue to meet. There are so many people who really worked hard to make things happen – maybe you could write someone a card to say thank you for the ways they have served and blessed you over this time?

As we go forward, I want to ask what are the lessons that we can learn from our recent past experiences – the people of Israel were constantly told to remember what God had done for them,
to constantly remind each other, to tell the stories of who they were and what God had done .
Communion itself is an act of remembrance; as we intentionally gather at the table and remember Christ’s death and resurrection we are called to remember, and share our stories.

So what are the stories that we have to tell from the last 18 months? How has God been faithful to us as a church and as individuals? Let’s tell each other those stories, let’s write them down so that in years to come members of SBC will know how God brought us through the coronavirus
pandemic and blessed us as a community of believers.
It will be too easy to just rush headlong into the next season. Before we know it we will be lighting fireworks and stuffing turkeys (vegetarian options are of course available), but let’s not forget to remember, let’s not forget to give thanks. Because we really do have a lot to be thankful for.
And as we look back, intentionally recognizing God’s faithfulness to us, we will see how he has been at work, we will see and recognize how he has held us, led us, kept us and guided us. And so we will learn that our God is a faithful God, our God is a trustworthy God, and so we can step
out in faith knowing that he is with us all the way.

Church it is right to look forward, it is right to push on and press on towards the goal that Christ has set before us – but it is also right to remember, and to give thanks.
Psalm 77:11-12 I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago. I will consider all your works and meditate on all your mighty deeds