Extracts from a message from Mary Rendon

Hi Trisch,
I hope this finds you well. I know you emailed me a few weeks ago. I am a little slow to reply due to recovery from flu which is taking a bit longer than I anticipated. Thankfully it only struck me as I would hate for any of our kids to be sick

Thank you once again for sending updates and the newsletter. We continue to uphold you and SBC in our prayers during this season of change and shifting. We had a lovely Christmas. The first one in 20 years where we have not had to organise, lead or facilitate any ministry. I think this was a great change for us where we could enjoy family time and take some space to breathe and reset. It was a really lovely gift from the Lord to cherish.

I was planning a trip to the UK this year (around May-June) but the Dept of Education has suddenly shifted the school year dates in anticipation of the upcoming drought and high temperatures expected for student safety. The summer break has been shortened and our twin’s graduation has been moved forward to the first
week of June instead of July along with a shift in start dates for university. I am glad I didn’t book flights earlier as I would have had to change or cancel them.

There are several unknowns at this point so we are just waiting to see how things unfold.

Ministry work continues. HOJ kids are doing well despite a few early challenges in the New Year. One has been diagnosed with Bone TB. I think she had this before she came to HOJ and was untreated when she first became sick so it remained undetected. She needs to wear a back brace. Her 2 elder siblings have also recently tested positive for Hepatitis…HOJ kids and staff have all had to be screened this week. One of our Bridgeway Scholars also lost his mother last
week. She had been sick for several years and passed away which is extremely sad. Many kids at HOJ have lost their parents over the years while being in our care. I realised the other day that all of our current 12 clients have lost 1 or both parents. It seems like God positioned some of them into care before their parents died. 

When we first got married I wanted to adopt….it seems God has had
us become parents to more kids than could have physically joined our family. I am grateful and humbled to be able to be family wider than I perhaps would have envisioned.

A few former clients and even some that ran away have returned and started joining our church family service on Sundays. We have long prayed for the prodigals….not to return home to HOJ but to return to Abba Father. We believe this generation to be the great turnaround and continue to pray not only for their transformation but they will start to step into their calling as leaders and influencers for His kingdom. Our job right now is to disciple and raise and support
their healing, growth, restoration and leadership. This is the challenge of 2024.

Thank you again for keeping us updated, and for your prayers and kind emails. We are grateful for the support and connection across the miles.
Sending love and blessings,