Junes Jottings 

Its august! AUGUST! What a weird year this has been so far – and now
its August! The last time I saw most of you in the flesh (ooherrrr!!!!) was in
April and I am really missing you.
There have been some benefits though, I have actually enjoyed sharing in
the services each Sunday, they are actually recorded in various parts
throughout the week, and sent of to the technical whizz that is Barry, to be
stitched together seamlessly and uploaded onto YouTube. I remember
the very first week we had to record everything and the stress that we had
– and if you remember the first service was ‘sound only’ – we have come
a long way!
And I am still learning new skills – this month will see SBC join with Holy
Trinity and Southwell Methodist Church to create and provide a ‘virtual
holiday club’ – It feels at times like I am auditioning for an episode of
Tiswas (showing my age there) – but the unity between the churches
feels really special as we have spent weeks in planning, preparation and
some pre-recording to make this a fabulous experience for the children of
the town and wider afield.

And as we begin to think about reopening the physical doors of the
church again – hopefully at some point in September – I hope that we will
all have learned new skills and new things in lockdown, some of those
things will be practical, many of us have a lot more technical know how
than we had in April! But I know from conversations that I have had with
many of you that actually we have learned again how to breathe, to find
space, to pray, to be with God.
Some of us have learned how to juggle home schooling with working from
home – some times more successfully than others, hopefully we have all
learned a deeper appreciation for the ‘invisible’ members of society who
have kept things working during these strange times: delivery drivers, refuse collectors, postal workers, shop assistants, cleaners, care assistants,
and neighbours who have helped with shopping and keeping in touch…..
the list could go on and on and on. Lets remember to continue to appreciate these often overlooked people in the future.
And so Church, what are the new things that you have learned? What are
the things that you want to take forward with you as we prepare to step
into the future?
Isaiah 42:19 in the New Living Translation says this:
I am about to do something new.
See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?
I will make a pathway through the wilderness.
I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.
God is with us as we go forward, I am starting to get excited and a bit tingly at the prospect of what God is going to do next in the life of SBC – it
wont be all smooth sailing, we know that, but we also know that God is
with us and he is about to do something new -and if you look really hard
you might see it!