SBC Church Covenant 2020

Our church covenant is the commitment we make to support one another 
in the life and mission of our fellowship.
As the family of Southwell Baptist Church, we affirm our faith in one 
God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – and in Jesus Christ as our Saviour
and Lord.  We accept our responsibilities as a church family and our 
shared basis of faith.
Jesus Christ, our crucified and risen Lord, commands us:
to love God,
to love our neighbor,
and to love each other.
And so we commit ourselves to one another, and to the life and work of
this church with all the gifts that God has given us.

Together we are seeking to:
WORSHIP God with enthusiasm and honesty
CARE AND PRAY for one another
LEARN AND GROW in our faith
TELL OTHERS the good news of Jesus
and SERVE them in his name.
We make this commitment depending on God’s grace and the help of the 
Holy Spirit.