SBC Church Covenant 2024

Our church covenant is the commitment we make to support one another in the life and mission of our fellowship.

God established a covenant relationship, first with His people Israel, and then a new covenant with His people, the church.
Therefore, as members of God’s covenant family known as Southwell Baptist Church, we commit ourselves to God and to one another to be Christlike in our lives and relationships through the presence, guidance, and power of God’s Holy Spirit
We will love one another as Christ loved us, honour one another above ourselves, be kind and compassionate to one another, encourage and build up one another, comfort one another, and offer hospitality to one another.
We will have a spirit of unity based on our common bond in Christ, be united in mind and convictions, meet together regularly, have equal concern for each other, suffer when one suffers and rejoice when another is honoured, and consider others more important than ourselves
We will use our God-given knowledge to instruct one another, use our spiritual gifts to bless one another, use the Word of Christ to teach and admonish one another, and nurture one another toward spiritual maturity measured by the life and ministry of Jesus.
We commit ourselves to being faithful in prayer for the Body of Christ at Southwell Baptist Church and for its work and mission, to being faithful to its worship services, its ordinances and ministry, and to undertake the spread of the Gospel into all the world.
We will let the light of our godly lives shine together to bring glory to God.