Churches Together in Southwell

I wrote to you in January explaining that changes were being made within Churches Together Southwell. Since then there has been much hard work to set up the new infrastructure and all the vacant posts have been filled apart from overall Coordinator.



We now have all seven churches in Southwell involved and enthused. One of the changes is that we will have six meetings a year instead of four and that each church will host a meeting in turn rather than it always falling to Our Lady of Victories as before. They are a hard act to follow but on Saturday March 16th SBC hosted a breakfast meeting.

24 people attended from across the town and we were all treated to sausage rolls and hot cross buns prepared by our Maureen and cleared away by our Eileen. Many thanks to you both for this service to SBC and the wider community of Southwell. 

In the absence of other volunteers I chaired the meeting and was really thrilled by the atmosphere of enthusiasm, cooperation and willingness to get the show moving. Each church had provided an update of what they are currently doing before the meeting and I
can tell you that the church in Southwell is very much alive and well. You can read all about it on the revamped website that Barry has been working on
However, its all very well for the churches to know this but we want our community to know it as well and to benefit from it. So we agreed to get cracking with some joint outreach events and once we have some plans in place we will share them in the hope that you will join us in the adventure.

I am hoping that instead of repeatedly “re-inventing the wheel” we can jump on the wagon that is CTS and satisfy our evangelical longings with the help of all the other churches.