Pray for Afghanistan

From the Baptist Times

Prayer Request from the BMS

We are making arrangements for BMS World Mission workers in Afghanistan to leave the country safely, in line with the FCDO advice.
The Taliban has taken control of Afghanistan in a tenday advance following the withdrawal of US and other
foreign troops in June and July. On Friday 6 August the
Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office
(FCDO) advised all British nationals to leave Afghanistan via available commercial flights. In accordance
with this advice, we are nearing the completion of our evacuation plans
for BMS workers in Afghanistan to leave the country. BMS World Mission has worked in Afghanistan since 1997, partnering with organisations
that serve the people of Afghanistan through training and capacity strengthening. Areas of work include community development, mental health support, agricultural training and palliative care.
Please pray:
For wisdom for NGOs and charitable bodies working within Afghanistan, as
they seek to support the communities they work with through this incredibly
difficult time
For BMS workers in the process of leaving the country, that they would be
kept safe and that they would still be able to continue with their vital work
For BMS’ commitment to the nation of Afghanistan, and for discussions taking place as to how best to shape an ongoing response to an ever-changing
For strength for people in Afghanistan now feeling under threat and worrying
for their futures, and for protection for those who feel forced to leave the
country or to move their families to a safer region
For lasting peace and stability to be found in the nation of Afghanistan